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Get your daily dose of soul food

Chabad of UCLA is more than just a organization, a cool place that offers programs and services. Chabad is a vibrant community where you, our students, are the central figures. At Chabad we care about enriching every aspect of your college experience, making things easier for you and connecting you with necessary resources.

There are so many questions in college, and at Chabad we try to give you the answers. So take a moment and check out the links to fantastic resources on this site.  


Meet the crew
Who we are and what we do
Get your daily doze of soul food
Join our daily morning prayer service at 8:00 am, wrap up some hide, connect to the Above and get charged up for the rest of the day.
Experience uplifting and meaningful Jewish prayer service
Weekly Friday night service belongs to the students! Get inspired from lively and friendly brief Shabbos service, always followed by the one and only Friday Night Live! Shabbat @ Chabad dinner.
The original security system
A small scroll, but contains a lot of blessings. The original home security system for the last 3.300 years. Get your kosher hanwritten mezuzah now, while supplies last!
coming soon!!!
Meanwhile, visit our virtual library, link on the left