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Keeping Jewish UCLA alumni connected through networking, alumni events, and PAC-18 circle of supporters, because one can never graduate from family!
Dear Jewcla Bruin Alumni!
At the Chabad House, we spend years cultivating strong relationships. Let’s not let graduation get in the way! Alumni will always be a part of the family and community here at the Chabad House. Please stay in touch, and share your milestones and celebrations with us. 
We would like to keep the Chabad House a strong center for Jewish life at UCLA. Please help us continue to provide the experiences you enjoyed as a student here to future Bruins generations.

PAC-18 - Partners and Associates of Chabad

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Avraham Henry Mashian 
Yossi Mintz 

Avi Rabin
Julien Dabi


Barbara Efraim Siegel '12
Chaim Marcus 
Pavel  '08 & Gaby '09  Khazanov 
Jonathan Wilson '13
Moshe Elliot Khakshoy '09 
Bassie Yahel '11
Marisa Belifante '13 

Elliot & Shannon Emmer '11
Zeve Akerling '11 
Dr. Yossef Nasseri '00
Bayla Colby Avtzon '11
Eugene & Ester Leibman P'11
Lee Rubinoff '13 

Nim & Alice Nahum '11 
Shiva Ghods
Jason Leibovitch '11
Mark & Sherri Pollock 
Sherri (Resnik) Goldman '10
Leib Lerner, JD '03 
Mark Rudnik '12
Sivan Salem '13 
Eldad Younessi '08




Michael Ghods 




It's a Boy!

Chaim Binyamin Arias '07


It's a Girl!
Sasha Kichayeva Shriki '14

Eldad Younessi '08 

Upcoming events
Nov. 22, 2017
Weekly doze of inspiration and kosher food right in the middle of campus!
Nov. 25, 2017
Discover the beauty of Shabbat beyond Friday night! In an even more intimate setting, with more personal conversations, and a whole lot more food, including the Shabbat special -cholent! RSVP ...
Nov. 28, 2017
8 evenings of fascinating discussion and discovery. Explore Jewish perspectives on Identity, Values, Ritual, Love, Time, Literature and more.
Your time commitment won’t go unrewarded. In ...
Nov. 29, 2017
Weekly doze of inspiration and kosher food right in the middle of campus!