Go beyond media soundbites and politically charged narratives.  Experience Israel through 4,000 years of Jewish history, culture and literature. 


Israel - always at the center of the world's stage.  So many opinions. So many debates.  So much drama. 

What is it all about?  Where does Israel fit in the Jewish experience?

Join ISRAEL 4000 and find out!

  • 6 90-minute classes (time TBD)
  • Israeli dinner with each class
  • Joint Israeli Shabbat
  • A 3-page essay on "Jewish People and Israel in ___ (pick your) century"
  • Receive a $300 stipend!

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I.  The Holy Land

Israel in the Torah - a People and the Land Promised

When did Israel become part of the Jewish story?  How and Why?  Does a faith need territory?


II-III. Trials and Tribulations of the Jewish Kingdoms

Biblical Israel - a Millenium  and a half of Jewish Sovereignty in the land

What was life like in ancient Israel?  What were the Jewish systems of governance?  Ups and downs of the Jewish kingdoms and causes of rises and downfalls. 


IV.  Diaspora and Homeland

Israel in Talmudic, Medieval and Renaissance times - Forever the Jewish Homeland

What happens when a people is exiled from its homeland?  How are the people and the land affected and what happens to their bond?


V.  Holy Cities

A closer Look at Special Cities in Israel

Which cities in Israel have been especially significant in Jewish history and faith?  In which way and what eras?  A look at Israel through space, rather than time.  


VI. Israel in Modern Times

Torah Perspectives on Contemporary Political Issues 

So many accusation, loaded terms, lies and half-truths concerning Israel are thrown around campus, in the UN, media and the world...  Is there a clearer Torah way to view the conflict?